Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Seasonal Changes

   Well, we're getting a little closer. We've done some touch ups on our house...some paint, new porch posts, new flooring... Our place is now on the market! We have packed up a lot of our personal items that we can temporarily live without and have them stored for the move. We have been keeping our eyes out for a new place but haven't purchased anything yet. When we do I'll be sure to share it with you here.

As the weather cools, I'm enjoying having the windows open so the breeze can move through the house. I love to see the lace curtains flowing and moving in and out as if the the house were breathing in the fresh cool air from outside. I'd usually be harvesting vegetables from our fall garden right now but I didn't plant one since we found out we were moving. Now I wish I would have because I miss it. So, the days are slower and quiet for the most part. We are back to doing our homeschool lessons full time and we've been enjoying some porch time. The leaves are falling, our property is changing and getting ready for a few months of restful sleep. Then it will spring back to life and be full of color again. I pray someone buys this place and enjoys it as we have. It's been a good home. A good place for growing things. And not just vegetables.



  1. It's a new season in your life Jennifer. Keep your faith and trust in God. I know He will take care of you and my babies wherever He leads you. All is well. I love you. Mom