Thursday, May 9, 2013

School Day Interruptions

   As a homeschool family we have had interruptions during school time on more than one occasion. Ringing telephones, busted water lines, broken fences and run away goats. Life happens. This morning we had an interruption of the pleasant nature. One of our Nubian does decided that today was the day for her to kid. I noticed this morning at chore time that her udder was nice and full and her ligaments were soft so it wasn't a surprise when our daughter ran in from the barn to tell me that she was starting to kid. With little assistance Luminaire (Lulu) brought into the world 5N Farm's Obadiah. Better known as Obie. He's such a cutie although I do wish he was a she.

   So, this morning the three Rs were put on hold and we moved "school" out to the barn. I'm very grateful that our children get to experience "life on the farm" and learn all of the wonderful life lessons that are learned here at home. Some things can't be taught in a classroom or learned by reading a book. We're blessed to have the opportunity to teach our children at home and offer them a well rounded education.

Now...the excitement is over and it's back to the three Rs!

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  1. Sheila RodriguezMay 11, 2013 at 7:47 AM

    Well written Jennifer. Homeschool is great. There are so many opportunities for the kids to learn outside of the school room. They aren't stuck in a classroom under a daily regimen that is tedious and repetitive. The ability to get out and learn from life is an awesome and inspiring challenge for homeschool kids and full of endless possibilities for gaining knowledge.

    The new baby is beautiful and so is my granddaughter.