Monday, March 25, 2013

The Wisdom of Grandmas

   Grandma always said not to plant your garden until after Easter. Here we are the week before Easter and this evening I get word that we are under a freeze warning. This past week we transplanted most of our plants from the greenhouse planters to the garden.  If Gandma was here I'd be getting a big "I told you so" right about now. After supper we rushed out and covered the plants with hay and put a sheet over my herb bed. Hopefully we don't get a lot of wind. So, from now on we'll follow Grandma's planting until after Easter.

With the aged is wisdom, and with length of days comes understanding. But only with God are perfect wisdom and might; He alone has true counsel and understanding.            Job 12:12-13


  1. You remind me of your Grandpa. How many times did daddy here those words. He never listened either. He just couldn't wait to get it in the ground. I can still see his tomatoes and peppers with big styrofoam cups covering them to protect them from the coming frost.

  2. The old-timers around here say to plant potatoes on Good Friday. Any other planting has to wait much longer. But this year it has been so cold we haven't began to think of gardening!

    1. We have had some nice warm weather for a little while now but chilly days and nights have snuck in a few times. You never really know what the weather will be like from day to day here. There's a saying that only fools and foreigners try to predict the weather in Texas. I'm no foreigner so I should know better by now! We should definately learn to listen to the old-timers. They're wise for a reason! :)